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Fiber Art

The distinguished magazine, Art in America, said "Fiber art could be recognized simply as a division of visual art — not the same thing as Pointillism or Pop Art, but not something less — with it's own particular identity and strengths. — Janet Koplos, 1996

Begining in the 1960s Magdalena Abakanowicz, Olga de Amaral, Jean Lurcat, Ed Rossbach, Lenore Tawney, Claire Zeisler and others began to extend the boundaries of acceptable material for production of fine art. Their one-of-a-kind works were usually constructed of flexible materials using textile techniques. Works called "fiber art" include (but are not limited to) sculptural baskets, quilts made for the wall and the first fiber art, tapestry.

Our Mission

Friends of Fiber Art tells the world that fiber art is the collectible of the 21st century and helps you find it. We facilitate opportunities and programs for the education of potential collectors. Such as:

Present public lectures and symposia such as the annual member-artist presentations at the SOFA Expo in Chicago each November.

Provide a calendar of contemporary fiber art exhibitions in galleries, art centers and museums all over the globe and on the Internet. Click on WHERE for a list of shows.

Support a series of regional exhibitions featuring contemporary fiber art from private and public collections. The catalog for the first show from Midwest collections. Material Difference: Soft Sculpture and Wall Works, may be purchased from Friends. Click HOW

Award grants to support professionally-mounted exhibitions with catalogs of soft sculpture and wall works. Since founding in 1991, Friends of Fiber Art has granted more than a quarter million dollars to such shows. Annual grant deadline is July 1st for projects which commence following January 1 of the following year. Download the Guidelines and Application from HOW.

Instruct and inspire connoisseurs about the collectibility of art in fibrous materials through a series of innovative and unique member programs such as:

Click on WHEN for the current Friends programs, on WHY for membership benefits and on HOW to join online.